Sunday, August 30, 2009

Poesía de Spam

A diario me llegan al email mensajes de Spam anunciando todo tipo de cosas raras (generalmente productos electrónicos y medicinas milagrosas), felicitándome por haber ganado las más extrañas loterías o pidiéndome dinero para obras de caridad en idiomas macarrónicos. Hoy me ha llegado éste, que me ha hecho gracia:

H everywhere meet the eye of the weeping white mother, are unknown to her, for to her tender fancy a little spirit-child fills them. It is not a rare sight to see a pair of elaborate tiny moccasins above a little Indian grave. A mother's fingers have embroidered them, a mother's hand has hung them there, to help the baby's feet over the long rough road that stretches between his father's wigwam and the Great Chief's happy hunting grounds. Indians believe that a baby's spirit cannot reach the spirit-land until the child, if living, would have been old enough and strong enough to walk. Until that time the little spirit hovers about its mother. And often it grows tired --oh so very tired! So

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