Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Londres 1903

Filmado por Thomas Edison.
It's like time traveling: you get up close and personal with ordinary people going about their daily business, like taking a taxi at one of the entrances to Hyde Park and catching boats at the Embankment on the Thames - perhaps to work. There's the general bustle of the traffic, with individuals occasionally moving into the middle or into the foreground to make a more human connection. There are familiar landmarks, such as the Law Courts, Sir Christopher Wren's St Mary-Le-Strand and Westminster Abbey and Big Ben. Familiar brand names flash up every so often, like old friends - just to bring this world a little closer to our own - such as Nestles and Lipton's Tea. And there's the (perhaps unexpected) chaos of the traffic in often dust-clogged streets.

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Perkele Maljanne said...

Buenos Días.
Le ha quedado una entrada muy H. G. Wells a la par que instructiva
By the way.Me tomé la libertad de enlanzarla en el bosque que frecuento.Es más que apropiada para el tema que estamos bebiendo en estos momentos.Espero que no le moleste.